Imagine if you will – a world where there are no shelters, no domestic violence advocates, no abuse, no rapes, none of it.  A world that speaks of domestic violence and sexual violence in the past tense. A world where there is only speak of the positive and the happy parts of a relationship, because the bad parts are not even there. A world where there is no power and control. A world where love is the language rather than violence. a world where people see abuse and they shy and shrivel away from it because it is so foreign to them. The idea of violence is so foreign of a concept that it is seen as disgusting, revolting, sad, and gut wrenching!

Now, people have told me that this is a dream world.

Then I think about this:

End of Nazi rule was seen as a dream.

End of English rule in India was seen as a dream.

End of segregation was seen as a dream.

End of slavery was seen as a dream.

Yes, these were a dream at one point….now they are our reality.


Nonviolence and no abuse is a reality!

What other things were seen as dreams and are now our reality?

Opt 4 this vision of peace and love!