I was teaching a class to a group of highschool juniors and I asked them what respect was.

As the students say….Cricket   Cricket

As I looked out at the sea of blank and bored faces I asked a different question in hopes of getting an actual response.  Do you want respect

Suddenly…everything changed! It was a barrage of noise as everyone talked and gave examples of the respect they believed they deserved.

“Deserved”…I asked.

The answer that came back was: “Yes, everyone deserves respect! End of question!”

Interesting…everyone deserves respect.

When I gave them the definition of respect: Do to others as THEY would like you to do to them, as long as it’s NOT VIOLENT.

They all agreed, yes this is the respect they all believed everyone deserved.

Let’s hope they keep this idea into adulthood!

What is your definition of respect?

Do you believe everyone deserves respect?