What a simple symbol….what a simple idea.

The peace sign was created originally to stop nuclear war.  Now it has become an international sign of nonviolence and peace. This one sign…the peace sign…has given hope, been put on banner, and spoken about for decades!

The story of the heart symbol is varied and confusing. There are theories that it was created by a seed called the heart seed….because it is a seed that is shaped like that. There is also the idea that the symbol of our own organ that pumps life giving blood to the rest of our body. The symbol, after many centuries, has become a symbol for love, happiness, and what love truly is.

It would make sense that these symbols would be put together since they work hand in hand.

These symbols together is a perfect symbol for Domestic violence prevention. The point of domestic violence prevention is to promote love and promote nonviolence and promote relationships that are nonviolent and loving!

Take this symbol out into the world and promote everything that it means.

opt4 a nonviolent relationship.

opt 4 an end to violence.

opt 4 an end to the world of domestic violence.

opt 4 a world where we are at peace!