Well it has happened again.

I was giving out the blog’s website….opt4.wordpress.com

The people looked at me and asked…what is opt4?  That’s kind of weird name.

I explained that it was because we are opting for a better nonviolent loving world.

So after over 120 posts, i figure it’s a good time to talk about what opt4 really means…..since it seems to boggle the mind so.

The actual definition of Opt – 1. to make a choice; especially : to decide in favor of something (Merriam-Webster)

Synonyms for opt: choose, conclude, determine, figure, name, decide, resolve, settle

The idea behind using the word opt is that we are opting or choosing to do something. We are opting to actually get off of our butt and make a difference. However, the first question that comes to mind when we decide were going to do something is…what are we going to do.

Knowing this, at the end of most of the blogs I have what I call opt4 statement. These are calls to action. These are to answer…what are we going to do now that we have read this post.

Readers – we must opt to do something about the violence that is affecting over 1.5 million people per year, and when you take into consideration the second-hand abuse (like a child watching her mother get beat up) the numbers are close to 6 million people per year.  that number is huge and cries out for someone to do something!

opt 4 doing something towards preventing domestic violence.

opt 4 promoting healthy loving relationships.

opt 4 counseling abusers so that they understand why they need to change.

opt 4 educating all…all…all..all…all of the young people you know about the problems of domestic violence.

opt 4 eliminating gender roles (a leading cause of domestic violence).

Opt 4 eliminating all violence.

opt 4 creating your own blog and start talking about ways to prevent, things you’re doing to prevent, and why you’re working so hard to prevent.

opt 4 creating a website geared towards prevention of domestic violence.

Opt 4 peace in all ways.

Opt 4 watching your own mouth and stopping any violent words from coming out.

Opt 4 getting more happiness and less violence on TV.

Opt 4 constantly talking about preventing domestic violence to everyone and anyone.

Opt 4 talking about prevention soooo much, everyone wants you to stop talking about it.

opt 4 making posters about what a healthy relationship looks like and hanging them all over the city!

Opt 4 doing anything to promote healthy relationships.

Opt 4 starting or being in a slut walk.

Opt 4 starting or being in a anti-dv march.

opt 4 loving and accepting people.

Opt 4 taking a stand against all forms of power and control…including bullying!

Opt 4 changing the world so our grand kids don’t have to go through what we see everyday.

Opt 4 peace.