A lot of things can be said about the Obama administration. Everyone is more than happy to weigh in on their opinion of what is going on with the country and who is responsible and not responsible. There is a lot of finger-pointing and a lot fo people saying a lot of things about whether they think the president is doing a good job or not.

First, lets not forget the amazing work that Vice President Joe Biden has done towards Preventing and eliminating Teen Dating and Violence Against Women.

Now.the white house has just put out a new website – stopbullying.gov

This website is amazing when it comes to bullying prevention.

“Building on the momentum started a year ago by the Obama Administration and relaunched in partnership with the Department of Education, this site emphasizes action steps individuals can take to prevent and stop bullying in their schools and communities. It also features easy-to-use tools and resources for community leaders, young people and families, including:

This stopbullying.gov site not only helps you stop bullying and help prevent it, it give you ideas and thoughts that you can take out tot he rest of your school, your community, and the world to end bullying once and for all.

Please checkout stopbullying.gov, because remember….many of the abusers were bullyies once.

If we can stop the bullying, we can stop the violence.

If we can stop the violence, we can stop Domestic Violence.

If we can stop all of this – we can have peace and love!