Man. The word conjures up ideas of what we see manhood as. Interestingly enough – we all have a different definition for what it is. If you google it with pictures, you’ll see a lot of unshaven faces, muscles, tuxedos and suits, and of course violence. These seems to be the pictures that many of us have seen as the depiction of manhood.

However, the cold hard truth of statistics is this:

95% of all violent crimes are because of men.

85-90% of all domestic violence cases are a man hurting a woman.

90% of all of the world’s decision makers are men (The patriarchy of power)


Is this you?  Is this me?  Is this what a man is?

The answer is undoubtedly NO…and if you’re a man or know a man they need to get the message loud and clear. We need to redefine what manhood, men, a man –  is.  But many don’t want to stand alone. Don’t want to be that one man among the many….but that is what you are when you speak against men’s violence and for gender equality and for nonviolence and peace. There are other men…there are a lot of other men…standing up….taking a stand for what’s right. Join these men!

Below is a list of sites of groups of men doing everything they can to stop Domestic Violence, Violence against women, and violent men – all working toward equality and changing what the definition of manhood is. If they don’t have a chapter in your local area…I call on you to make it happen and create a new definition of what it is to be a man in your community.

Taking a stand against violence and promoting nonviolence.

men stopping violence

Stopping domestic violence against women children and men

Men stand up against violence

A call to men

Men against violence against women

Men against violence

Men against sexual violence

Men Against Violence Blog

North dakota men against violence

Oregon men against dv

Article about University of Massachusetts  men against violence



Men – there is great work being done in your community right now to change the face of what a man is. Go out and do something about the problem.

Did I forget an organziation that you know of?

What else can men do to prevent violence against women?