Ageism rears its ugly head as we speak about the issue of teen dating violence. When I speak out in the world about the cessation of teen dating violence…I hear adults say to me all the time:

That’s just being a kid…we all lived through it. So will they.

Oh it’s just puppy love, it’s not that important.

How bad could it really be.

Everyone who has experienced teen dating violence will tell you it is that bad and it is really that serious.

How serious?  Serious as a heart attack because it can kill you!  Adults don’t seem to realize that teen dating violence is killing our young men and women in the world and it needs to end.

The good news….Yes there is good news, it’s getting a national spotlight…As well it should!

A major national magazine, The Atlantic, has just put out an article to educate the adults. YES…educate the adults. Finally right?

So lets start talking about this. Let’s start talking about ending the ridiculous abuse and violence that are scarring and killing the future of our world.

Teen Dating Violence is about power and control.

Teen Dating violence is about hurting and messing with someone’s life.

Teen Dating violence is PREVENTABLE!!!

Opt 4 a world that prevent teen dating violence.

What are you doing right now to prevent it?  If you answered nothing – DO SOMETHING.  (The least you can do is to read the article!)

Please send me ideas that adults and students can do to end this epidemic!