I can’t tell you how many meetings, committees, brainstorming sessions, and even television production groups that are coming up with an idea for a PSA (Public service announcement – An awareness commercial) about ending domestic violence or sexual assault or teen dating violence and the first thought people come up with is blood and bruises. Why?

Back in the early 70’s or the late 60’s the first PSA’s and movies came out to get the world aware of domestic violence. . The movie that rocked the society and truly woke up America was The Burning Bed. Suddenly, the hushed discussions all of the wives were having was depicted in front of them in vivid color and on the big screen.  Domestic violence and how to stop it became a national conversation. This movie and the PSA’s that came after it changed the way people saw domestic violence and took it out of the stigma of “a family issue we don’t talk about”.

The subsequent PSA’s were needed to really make people aware that this is a problem and an epidemic. Then multiple national agencies including the center for disease control did study after study after study to show that domestic violence was killing more people than most diseases. (Still over 1.5 million people are abused every year in the United States.)

Now is the time for the solution. We’ve spent the last 30-40 years making people aware that there is a problem…let’s start talking about healthy relationships too!

Let’s make people aware of how non-abusive relationships solve their problems.

Let’s make people put the responsibility on the abuser and not educate the victim.

We have to teach people how to end violence and end anger and end power and control. These are the causes of domestic violence. These are the bacteria. if you will, of the disease. Let’s take care of the causes of the disease and we will eradicate the disease.

Look for a PSA that does this.

Look for anything that does this…..they’re just not that plentiful (if any). Now, don’t get me wrong, there are many great movies out there, and you can get many of them through Media Education Foundation , but what about the mainstream?

I challenge everyone…..create a PSA or video that has no bruises and blood but instead is geared to prevent.

Send it to me, and I’ll be happy to post it on this blog.

Send me a youtube link, and I’d be happy to post it on the blog and advertise your youtube channel.

We live in a time when anyone can do this with their I-phone or webcam, lets start preventing and thereby eradicating this disease, this scourge, this wart on our society!

I’ll be waiting for the videos!