There are a lot of “isms” that people use as an excuse to commit violence and domestic violence. By eliminating them, we get that much close to ending the violence.

Racism…many say is gone.

Many say that once segregation ended racism died.  It would be nice to believe that that was true….but it isn’t.

Racism has taken a new look and a new face…that is all.

A group of people walk into a convenient store: black, white, Spanish, Asian, dark-colored Indian.

Black person will be watched because he might steal something.

Dark colored Indian will be watched because he might blow up the store when he is mistaken for someone who is of Arab decent.

The Spanish person will be seen as an illegal immigrant and watched as well.

The white person will not be watched, but might be pulled aside and asked about his choice of friends.

The Asian person will not be watched.

However, if the black man puts a hoodie on and walks out of the store…he might be shot by someone.


Another example:

A young man goes into a youth group to talk about nonviolence. When he shows up a murmur goes through the mostly “put color of skin here” audience members. The young man sits back stage waiting to speak and he is notified that they will have to reschedule. The young man says he understands and departs….but it is told to him later that because he is not “put color of skin here”, he can not speak to these people.  In fact he is, “Put different skin color here”.  Yes…this does happen in 2012!



It takes on many many different faces.


This is what Racism looks like now.

This view that one person is more valuable or less valuable because of the color of their skin has to stop, or more bodies will be laid on the floor. More mamas will scream when they hear the news that their baby is dead. More communities will cry out asking….WHY!?  AND more people will be seen as less than they are and beat up by a person who says they love them.

In recent events we have seen how racism still lifts its ugly head with the death of 17 year old Trayvon martin.

We must eliminate this ism…or we will never climb out of its shadow.

How are you ending this horrible ism?

What else can we do to end it?