Flash Mob goes great!

Overheard conversation after mob:

Girl 1: Did you see that over there?

Girl 2: Yeah, there was yelling and screaming about no violence or something right?

Boy 1: yeah, end domestic Violence was what a lot of the signs said.

Girl 2: That’s right. Domestic violence is just wrong.

Boy 1: We should do something like that.

Girl 2: We totally should. It’s cool they’re yelling bout it.

Girl 1: Yeah this other girl at the snack place said it was people who like stopped it and stuff.

Boy 1: Glad someone is trying.

Girl2 : Me too. We should do something


That was just one conversation that was overheard and there were a lot of people talking about ti!


Pinellas County Prevention Committee put on a flash mob at the entrance to Pier 60 in Clearwater, FL. About 20 people showed up with signs and voices. At 1 pm on march 24th in the middle of the spring break festivities, they raised their signs and yelled:


The posters stated everything from:

Visualize Nonviolence

Stop the Fists and start to Kiss

There’s no excuse for Domestic Abuse

Stop fighting and start a healthy relationship

A good amount of the mob were kids…the ones that will be taking over this world after the adults are gone!In the end, there was a lot of talking about nonviolence throughout the pier.A lot of people came up to one of the sign holders and asked how they could end violence in their community, their college, and their school.  In the end it always comes down to each one of us. Every person in this world has a moral imperative to end this disease that runs rampant in our society that we call domestic violence , or Teen Dating Violence, or Intimate Partner violence. Whatever name you use, it’s a way to gain power over someone else and control their lives. IT MUST END NOW!Come join the next flash mob….check this blog for future events!  Next one is coming soon!Get ready to dance!