Alright, so this time, I want to talk more about the finer aspects of teen dating violence. I have a boyfriend and we joke around a lot. Sometimes I’ll playfully tap him on the chest. Not hard or anything just a joking little tap. Is that abuse?


I’ve always wondered, is that teen dating violence? I’m not doing it to hurt him I’m not doing it to gain control or anything it’s just joking around.


This week in TARA we talked about this. Why would it be abuse? Why wouldn’t it be abuse? We started talking about it and the results we came up with were mixed. Some said yes, others said no. A few people even admitted that they do it.


What do you think about that readers? Is there a line that can and cannot be crossed? Or is it just abuse downright. I really want opinions because I’m working on not tapping him like that because sometimes I think I’m breaking all the rules I try to live by and teach everyone else to as well.