Yes, you read the title correctly.

This is a contest to create a video game (without violence of course) to bring about the awareness of preventing dating violence.

The contest is being put on by the Jennifer Ann’s group but you have to hurry.  You must have your registration in by June1, 2012!

Here are the FAQ’s from the website:

What are the important dates for the video game design contest?

  • Contest begins: February 29, 2012.
  • Entry deadline: June 1, 2012.
  • Winners announced: June 17, 2012.

Who is eligible to compete?
At the time of entry you must be 13 years of age or older (void where prohibited). Officers, employees, and immediate family members of Jennifer Ann’s Group are prohibited from entering the video game design contest.

What technical requirements are there for the game?
All games must be designed and able to play using Flash 9 with maximum dimensions of 900 pixels (width) by 600 pixels (height).

Judges include:

  • TBA

Can I enter more than once?
Sorry, but no. Make sure and enter your best because you only get one chance!

What criteria will be used for judging?
All games will be reviewed to ensure that they meet all contest requirements. Remember, the game must not involve any on-screen violence!

Three (3) winning entries will then be chosen based on the following weighted criteria. (One (1) winning entry will be randomly drawn from the remaining non-winning entries for the “door prize” of $100.)

  • Education (40%)
    • The following are examplesof educational value. How effective is the game at:
      • increasing awareness about dating violence?
      • communicating the prevalence of dating violence among non-married 11 through 24 year olds?
      • providing examples of potentially abusive behavior?
      • suggesting safety plans?
      • offering advice to friends and family?
  • Entertainment (total of 60%)
    • Playability (20%)
    • Re-Playability (15%)
    • Ease of understanding game rules (5%)
    • Innovative approach to game play design (10%)
    • Graphics and music (10%)

What is the deadline to enter?
All entries must be received electronically by 11:59PM (Eastern), June 1, 2012.

Where can I learn more about Teen Dating Violence and discuss the contest?
Jennifer Ann’s Group’s Google+ page will keep you up to date on the latest news about the contest. Be sure to also check out our online resources about teen dating violence.