There are over 100 posts on this blog…stressing healthy relationships, working towards preventing dating violence, and celebrating nonviolent relationships.

But this isn’t just a “this blog” thing. This isn’t just a me thing. This isn’t just a 1 state thing. this isn’t just an American thing. This is a world-wide effort to end all violence against women. is striving and working towards ending all violence against women world-wide. This is a United Nations website to end all violence toward female gendered person world-wide, all continents, all countries, all provinces, all cities, all towns, all people!

End Violence Against Women Now was created by the United Nations, a group of 193 countries who have decided that we need more peace and nonviolence in our world. This is the vast majority of the world who wants to end violence towards the women of the world.

Remember, women make up 54% of our world, that’s more than men by 4% – end when you’re talking billions that 4% is a huge number.

Remember, if it wasn’t for a woman – you wouldn’t be here.

Remember, the woman who is treated bad today will unconsciously teach their children the same and if those children see this bad treatment…they themselves will do it also.

We must end this violence against women NOW!

What are you doing to do this?