How do you make your partner feel loved?

Here are just a few ways to make your partner feel loved!

1. Tell them you love them!

-As odd  as it is, many people just believe their partner knows these things. they don’t. We as humans know what we are told. Somewhere in our heart we know, but it’s nothing like actually hearing it come out of your partners mouth.

2. Ask them about their day and make the whole conversation bout them.

– People have a habit of talking about themselves and their life and forget about other people. Do not let this happen in your relationship. find out about what’s been going on in their life….be interested in them. If they are your partner, you should be anyway.

3. Ask them about their aspirations, dreams, and why they are their dreams and aspirations.

-This shows that you care about what they think, dream, and what makes them excited and happy. Dreams are shared only by those that people trust and care about.

4. Pick them wildflowers

– Nothing says love like dirty hands and flowers. Buying flowers is easy. In fact, it’s never been easier. A website, a click, and Poof…the flowers are delivered. But if you go out and pick flowers that your partner likes, or a color your partner likes….now you are taking them into consideration and thought. This isn’t just some store purchase, this took time, feeling, and love.

5. Get them their favorite drink….shows you’re paying attention to them and their likes and dislikes.

– When you have been with someone for a certain amount of time, you know what their go to drink is. You know they always buy Mt. Dew, Dr. pepper, etc. No matter what it is, you know that this is something they always buy. However, you have to pay attention tot hem and their habits to actually pick up on this. When you give someone a drink out of the blue, and it happens to be the one they love drinking, it shows that you are into them. you’re not into a body part, a situation, a status symbol, or an act….it’s all about love and them.


What else could you do to make your partner feel loved?