Family guy  is flexing their satirical muscle again…however this time it’s a tongue and cheek commentary on familial abuse and competition.

So many times men are in competition with women….why?  The easy answer is because we were taught it in school and after school programs. It’s always girls vs. boys….but the more complicated answer is that we are taught in multiple ways that we need to be in competition.

On Family Guy, Lois wants to run for School board president to stop sexual harassment in schools. Peter decided to go against her because #1 he doesn’t see it that way, but #2 he wants to win above her.

Here we are in our familiar power and control situation again. Men wants more power than woman and feel threatened by it.

In true male fashion, when he is loosing he resorts to violence or “mock violence”…in fact he asks others to promote Domestic violence with him.

This seems very appalling….

However, isn’t this what abusers do immediately?  When they are loosing their foothold, they gather a bunch of like-minded men together and ask them to commit the violence that they themselves can not…or they support his “wrong” way of thinking.

Is this promoting domestic violence or commenting on the sexism of the modern man?