How can you be healthy in love?

  • Help others, especially your partner, express their dreams and aspirations
  • Share your dreams and aspirations with others.
  • Must see that bitter, anger, violence, and ugliness is something that humans have done to this world and the people.
  • Be a model for happiness and healthy relationships
  • Forgive himself and others
  • Change is normal…roll with it.
  • You can not be loved by everyone, and you definitely can’t be loved if you don’t love yourself.
  • You are the 100% best you….but only the second best someone else.
  • Always strive to be who you are, and compromise when it makes everyone a lot more happy.
  • Love and accept all people
  • Fear, pain, anger are all emotions that can stop a great relationship…don’t let it!

Now, always remember these two things:

  • The end of a bad relationships is the 1st step to a great relationship.
  • Being alone is ok.