Maybe we should begin all relationships like this.

What if we did begin all relationships like this?

Get to know the person and list all of the things you can’t be ok with in a relationship. These are what I call deal breakers.  For example – Some people can not abide cheating. Define what cheating is if this is a deal breaker for you. Honestly speak to your partner and lay it on the line.  This type of communication is essential to an open and honest relationships.


Decide how you’re going to fight.  Talking about fighting before you start to fight is great. There’s no emotions involved. You find out in a  calm and stress free way how someone argues and fights, and you find out the ways you like and don’t like. Talk honestly about this. Create a few guidelines….example: only I messages (I don’t like it, i don’t, not You are, You do this)  No yelling. No guilt trips, etc.


When you do these two things in the beginning of a relationship….your relationship is guaranteed to blossom into something beautiful.   You also know right then and there…if you can be with this person.