Free and very inexpensive ways to help prevent domestic violence

So you want to help prevent Teen Dating Violence that is going on all around you.


you don’t have a lot of money and you don’t have any ideas.

That’s ok….

Here are a few things everyone can do in their schools and businesses (and all of these:

1. Create poster/e-mails that list traits of healthy relationships and get it out to everyone!

2. Start a petition about realitionship violence.

3. Create a website and promote it. and allow you to make free qwebsites.

4. Createa blog about healthy relationships.

5. Make bookmarks about healthy relationships and hand them out to everyone you know.

6. Contact your local domestic violence shelter and ask them for brochures, paperwork, etc that you can hand otu and place in bathrooms and lobbies.

7. Give out a bottle of water with a homemade (or printer created…there’s programs that will allow you to create labels) label that asks people to promote healthy relationships or something that willhelp prevent domestic violence.

8. Get a group together and ask a prevention educator to come and talk to them.

9. Put packs of candy together with a ribbon that says prevent DV and give them out.

10. Make donations in people’s names to domestic violence prevention programs. (This is the most expensive one…depending on how many people and how much you give)


Pass this around to as many people as you can!