Hello Prevention readers…

We have a guest blogger that will be making their appearance and giving another voice to the world of prevention:


Hi folks! I’m a Senior in high school and tomorrow is my senior project presentation. The topic I chose for my entire project is Domestic Violence/ Teen Dating Violence. This is a topic that is very dear to me because I’ve seen a lot of my friends go through this violence. I am also a survivor.

To be honest, I am stressed about doing my project in front of the judges tomorrow, but I’m not nervous. Like I said before, this topic is something very close to my heart. I just hope that I can get my point across to the judges. Ultimately I want them to be able to pass some of the information I give them on to somebody else. Prevention and awareness is key.

I kind of want to give you a little background on me. I run a club which I founded in my school call T.A.R.A.(Teens Against Relationship Abuse). I founded the club because of a very good friend of mine started abusing his girlfriend. I had my own personal reasons for starting TARA as well but I wasn’t ready to really tell anyone about them yet.

I just recently told everyone my story. My abuser is now in jail set to get out the end of April. The abuse I went through happened two years ago and it’s still hard to think about it and tell my story to people. Our relationship was short, but has affected my everyday life since it happened.

So there you go. You know a little about who I am and what I do to try and help. What do you do in your community to raise awareness and prevention of domestic violence/ teen dating violence? Even better yet, what CAN you do. It’s easier than you would think. Get out there and try.


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