The ACE study

The ACE study is a study that proves that the experiences you have as a child affect the health and actions of your adult life.

The Center for Disease Control comment on the Ace study.

It’s amazing…in 10 questions, the ACE study can show the percentage of how likely you are to have a heart attack, bad relationships, multiple sex partners, drug addiction, etc, etc….all based on the experiences you had as a child.  This test is being used throughout the country and the world as a starting point of clinically dealing with all people…including felons. What if felons are felons because of their childhood experiences?

It’s similar to a computer, bad info in, bad info out.

If a computer has bad wiring, no matter how many awesome great programs you put into it…you’re still going to have problems.

If a person experienced violence, domestic violence, or a host of other mind altering experiences – the person has been wired to think differently than a person who came from a home where none of this has happened. This has been known theoretically for years, but the ACEs study proves it without a doubt.

The ACEs study has its own blog and a way to learn more about it.

But this should be a call to everyone that we are ALL responsible for the health of a child. We don’t want to be the one who created the bad wiring, and yet…we can do it without a thought!

opt 4 changing everyone’s aces score.