As in the post what is love , we must always start with ourselves.

We can’t expect the “right” woman to come around, if we are not “the right man”. We must first define for ourselves how a man is supposed to be:

kind, upstanding, respectful, loving, loved, helpful, belief in equality, understand what a healthy relationship is, understand what it isn’t, nonviolent, and conscientious to name a few traits of a “real man”.

When a boy arrives at manhood and can say to himself with confidence, and have others say  it about him as well (for when others see the same things in us as we see in ourselves, we truly are those things) that is when the “right woman” will appear. For that man will have al the traits an woman will posses and more, and what a great couple they will make.

OPT 4 making our boys understand what a real woman is.

Opt 4 making our girls understand what a good strong woman is.

Opt 4 helping all people see that partnership and respect is better than fear and violence.