As I sat flipping through issues of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Mirabella….I was shocked!

According to these magazines, that are read by millions and millions of women every month, the following things are important:

What to wear (Because God forbid you wear the wrong things or anything on the “DON’T” list/page)

What make-up to wear and how to achieve the look of the models/stars (Taking a direct quote from one of them: “If you’re not wearing the right make-up, do you really want to be seen?”)

What the stars are doing/wearing/drinking/dieting/etc/etc/etc  (Because their life affects yours how?  Oh yeah, it doesn’t!)

What men are thinking (Because, another quote, “You know if you ask them they’re not going to tell you the truth.”)

So, the important things in a woman’s life: clothes, shoes, make-up, the stars, and finally boys.

I see were still showing women in the same light we always have: superficial voyeurs of the rich, and a slave to what other people are doing.

Where ar the women going out and reinventing the world, where are the women who are climbing Mt. Everest, where are the women who care more about the cure for a cancer than an eye shadow?  I know and have met these women…and they vastly outnumber the others!

Stand up strong women who are doing amazing things.

Start your own magazine that shows off the unbelievable stuff these women are interested in!

OPT 4 being a woman above the stereotype!

BTW-This blog was written by a man!