I previously spoke about how this song is depicting a mentally and verbally abusive man lamenting about his x-very strong woman.

Please see the other post: somebody i use to know

Today, I’m talking about the awesome video that accompanies this song. Often times the video does not depict the song as well as we envision it…this is not the case.

When we are with someone…they are our world. We are connected to them…very much like the art in this video connects Gotye and Kimbra.

They could have made it her fault (as is the normal thing to do in media and society)..but instead it showed exactly what this song is truly about.

But this is also a caution….we often get so wrapped up in a relationship that we do feel like we are connected and the whole world is made for just you two.

We must have the strength, knowledge, and personal ability to step up and say:

“I don’t deserve to be treated like that!”

And no matter what, we have to walk away!

Opt 4 the strength to leave.

Opt 4 the strength to tell them you are gone.

Opt 4 taking a stand against all bad relationships.