Breast Cancer kills thousands every year!

Breast Cancer causes the loss of hundreds of thousands of people’s breasts.

Breast Cancer affects both female and males, but mostly females.

We see the pink ribbon and pink all over the place!

We see them on yogurt lids, yogurt containers, soda cans, shoes, shirts, bracelets, etc,etc. They are all over!

Why? Because breast cancer effects and kills so many?  In fact, there are many other cancers and diseases that kill and maim thousands of more people than breast cancer. There are more causes that are killing more people than breast cancer….so, why so popular.

1 word – Breasts!

We are a breast culture and when a major icon of our culture is threatened….we must do something about it. then couple this with the fact that it is killing people and causing disruptions in the family…we must do something.

But the popularity has pointed out the sexism that exist in our world.

What about a disease that affects and causes harm to about 5.6 million people a year?

What about a disease that kills approximately 3000 women a year and about a quarter of that in men every year?

What about 76% of female homicides is caused by this disease?

What about a disease that affects 1 in 3 women per year?

This should get at least as much attention as breast cancer right?

This for this horrible disease.

This ribbon is for the awareness that this disease is out there.

This ribbon is to promote awareness that women and men live in fear every single day and it is our job to do something about it.

The Center for Disease control says this si the #1 disease killing women right now!

That disease is Domestic Violence!

How can we get this more public?

How can you help make this ribbon and this cause as important as breast cancer?

Shouldn’t we all be wearing purple too?