Got control issues?

Got power issues?

Don’t we all?  Yes!  We have been trained to be power and control junkies. From the beginning of our schooling we are taught that those who have the power are the people who get to do what they want.

First, its parents.

Second, its teachers.

These are obvious of course, because they always have power over us. Though they have that power because they truly do understand what’s right and wrong for us (for the most part anyway).

Then we are introduced to competition…the ultimate power and control situation.  The better you are at something, the more attention you get, the more popularity you get, and the division between those that can and those that can’t become huge. Suddenly, those that can do something, can tell you the one who can’t what to do and how to do it. Therefore, we strive to be the best so that we can also have the same power.

But what happens if we use this same theory in a relationship?

It becomes fatal.

It becomes the reason relationships end and people get abused!

Competition leads to power and control, and if you’re in competition with your partner, there’s always going to be problems. Especially if you feel in competition to other things in your partner’s life.

How can we eliminate power and control in a relationship? What do you think?

Opt 4 no competition in a relationship.

Opt 4 no power and control in a relationship.

STOP power and control!!!!