Wouldn’t it be great if relationships, communities, and culture acted this way?

If you said yes, Let promote it!


1. Speak positively about each other and the group at every opportunity.

2. Display a positive mental attitude at all times and empower everyone with positive statements regarding their accomplishments.

3. Encourage others positively; enthusiasm is contagious.

4. Maintain open lines of communication and relate concerns immediately in a fair and honest way.

5. Accept that problems are opportunities for growth, rather than negative experiences.

6. Acknowledge that conflict exists in any environment and take positive action to resolve it.

7. Whenever there is a conflict, empower each other to grow through problem resolution.

8. Be open to new information that may broaden our way of thinking and improve the quality of our lives.

9. Approach each situation with the assumption that we’re all working toward a common goal and that everyone is as valuable as the other.

10. Respect and sincerity are the basis of any relationship; we are respectful of others and especially ourselves.

11. Accept that we are all human, with their own strengths and weaknesses, and we are empathic toward them when they need it the most.


Would it really be too hard to promote this?

Opt 4 a world like this.

Opt 4 making your world like this.

Opt 4 spreading this type of world around.