A few ways anyone….anyone can help prevent domestic violence!


1. Volunteer at a local shelter and ask how you can help “prevent domestic violence”.

2. Make a Donation and learn more about contributing to the National Coalition against Domestic violence (NCADV) or your state’s coalition against domestic violence. Make sure you say you want your donation to go to prevention.

3. Write info to prevent DV. Send this blog info to write. Start your own blog and start writing!!!!!

4. Have a party! – That’s right, have a party. Invite your friends and acquaintances to a bar-b-q, a costume or other theme party, or just an informal get-together.  Ask a rep from a DV shelter or a prevention group to come talk. Then pass the hat for contributions from your guests with no pressure to contribute if they do not wish to. Your party then goes on. It’s a great excuse to have a good time and feel like you are accomplishing something very worthwhile at the same time!

5. Help Set up a Training/Speaking Engagement for your local shelter and DV prevention specialist. Every center has prevention staff and they would love to talk to our group, no matter how small or big it is.

6. Join a mailing list for your local shelter, prevention group, stat’s coalition, and or the national coalition (NCADV)

7. Research Services – Do research and try to find local services that will serve underserved groups such as men and lesbians. Then put it on every media you can find and start talking about tit to everyone you come in contact with. Send the list to your local shelter and make   know about these places and services.

8. Start your own 501 C 3 (nonprofit organization) to prevent DV in your own way.

9. Support others – If you want to help directly, and have experienced abuse yourself, join a Support and Discussion Forum. Start helping people now!

10. As your local domestic violence prevention group for brochures you can give out, pass out, and set out everywhere you can. Think globally, act locally! You can make this effort with very little time put into it, a few phone calls to find the right person, a few stamps for mailing and a few phone calls to follow-up. This effort can really be easily done.

11. Write about your personal experience in forums, blogs, youtube.com, etc. The more we are all talking about preventing this horrible disease, the sooner it goes away.

12. Encourage sites to link to the various places that prevent DV in your area.