Today is International Women’s day…..a day to celebrate women around the world.

Please celebrate a woman today!

Before you read further – please check out International Women’s day part 1 on this blog.

Last time I showed the many women who were inventors and scientists and helped our world.

There’s a  side note to that though:

“We’ll probably never know how many women inventors there were. That’s because in the early years of the United States, a woman could not get a patent in her own name. A patent is considered a kind of property, and until the late 1800s laws forbade women in most states from owning property or entering into legal agreements in their own names. Instead, a woman’s property would be in the name of her father or husband.

For example, many people believe that Sybilla Masters was the first American woman inventor. In 1712 she developed a new corn mill, but was denied a patent because she was a woman. Three years later the patent was filed successfully in her husband’s name.” –

This type of atrocity is happening again and again across the United States to this day.

Women are told what they can do with their bodies, how they’re suppose to act, how they’re suppose to dress, how they’re suppose to look, and who they’re suppose to be.


How do you think we can stop this?

opt 4 a world that treats all genders equally.

opt 4 a world that sees women as the same as men.

Opt 4 a society where women can look, be, and become who they want to.