This is a relatively new song…..

Please go here to listen to it:

At first listen….we hear a person lamenting the loss of a love. Almost like he realized it was a relationship that was going to end.  He says he remembers when she said she felt so happy you could die/Told myself that you were right for me
But felt so lonely in your company/But that was love and it’s an ache I still remember

Then we realize that this is a full depiction of a man who has mentally and verbally abused this woman when we listen to her side of the song. He made her feel like everything was her fault. He made her feel that everything he said was a puzzle, and she had to figure out the true meaning. If she didn’t figure it out, it was her fault. We can only imagine the verbal and mental games that were played on her….and she was strong enough to say: I can’t live this way!

Good For her….nobody should have to live that way.

Then we see that he states you didn’t have to be so rough….”you didn’t have to cut me off /Make out like it never happened/And that we were nothing/But you treat me like a stranger/And that feels so rough.

Then he attacks her. He says: You didn’t have to stoop so low/Have your friends collect your records
And then change your number”

People who break up with other people don’t just arbitrarily change their number and have friends collect their things. These are actions that people do because they are afraid to see the other person. These are actions that people take when they are protecting themselves…protecting themselves from possible harm.

Pay very close attention to this song. Celebrate her for leaving and knowing when to leave.

A loving relationship should always feel like a dream…not work, problems, and told you’re the person who is wrong.

What do you think of this song?

What do you think he told her?