How do you know how someone wants to be treated?

How do you know when it’s ok to kiss someone?

How do you know when someone is ok?

Many people spend their lives believing that you just “know” these things, when in fact nobody knows these things.

Many people will say…you have to wait for that “look” to decide if you can kiss someone.

Many people will say…you just watch how people act, and that’s how you know how to treat them.

Many people will say, you just watch people actions and you know if they’re ok or not.

These statements and ideas are creating a rape culture. A culture that says that the way someone feels and what someone wants is decided by someone else!  That’s dangerous!

That’s what we’re creating.

opt4 communication in your relationship.

Opt 4 a healthy realtionship where you talk.

Opt 4 eliminating the rape culture!