This article is amazing:

In the 1400’s long hair was a status that said you were royalty and had the ability to take care of such hair.  It was considered a men’s fashion…and the longer your hair, the more radiant you were. In the 1500’s a woman with short hair was considered a great workers, an awesome wife, and an amazing woman because with all the work the women did to take care of the household…long flowing hair would be quite cumbersome and dangerous. In the 1700’s, wigs of great shape were considered the mark of a well distinguished man. In the 17-1800’s, skirts were men’s fashion. In fact, look at a lot fo the French and English rulers of the day, they had paintings of them wearing skirts or pantaloons that looked A LOT like skirts!

These ideas of what gender a person in by their outward actions and representations are archaic and bound to change. We’ve seen men and women’s fashion change so quickly and so readily that gender-roles and gender-appearences is vastly different throughout the world.

Most of the gender stereotypes the US has created is based on theories created in the 1930-1950’s. Why are still on this standard?  Why are we still teaching our children these archaic rules and biases?

Are you still using a 1950’s phone?

Are you using a computer?

Can you have a conversation with someone face to face 1000’s of miles away?

Can you cross the Atlantic ocean in 4-6 hours?

Can you play Angry Birds on your I-phone(if you had an I-phone)?

Did you get inoculated for your childhood diseases, including polio?

We have moved forward in all aspects of life except this view of what is a boy and what is a girl. We must change this…and you are responsible for doing it!

OPT 4 no gender roles.

Opt 4 no stereotypes.

Opt 4 a world where everyone is taught like in this article!