This article brings up a very real ability we all have!

This article points out that at the University of Michigan, the students themselves are redeveloping education. It asks a very real question: Can college students reinvent education and the educational system?

Why of course they can!

Of course all of us can!

This brings up a very important point:  We as a people have decided that only certain people can reform our standards of living: Education, business, business models, stock market, the economy, education and even the social fabric of our culture. Where did we get this crazy idea?

Yes, we, the average person who wants the world to be a better less violent place, can reform all of those things.

You!  I’m talking to you….the person reading this right now. Listen up!

You can change the world!

If you think the world is too violent, start coming up with solutions and tell everyone about it!

If you think we need a better education system – work towards changing it.

I believe we need to end all relationship violence! We do not need to see people getting abused and mistreated by people who supposedly love them.

We can end this epidemic and we can change the social fabric of our world. it’s been done before, let’s do it again!!