This little commercial is appalling!

First….We see a man shamelessly gawking at a woman.  Not seeing her for the human being she is, but instead seeing her for the attributes that her genes have given her.

So we begin this commercial as seeing this woman as merely a piece of meat….a package of body parts.


Second…We delve into the societal accepted view of what a man wants: A complete stranger sexually fawning all over him. But let us truly see what we are beign told here:

1. A woman has the right to be upset about a man gawking at her. (True!)

2. She has the right to yell at him, push him, and slap him in the face. (False – As horrible as it is that men see women like this, NO ONE has the ability to treat another human being like this…male or female. You are watching gender based violence!)

3. Women like this, and will be sexually luring towards you after she gets angry. (FALSE! – A male locker room fallacy that is continuously propagated through male ego and chauvinism.) But this commercial goes on to promote this view, and will be seen by men as an acceptable response.

4.  As long as women are being sexual, no matter what they do it is great. including putting their finger in your $7 cup of coffee. (False – This reduces men and women’s sexuality to merely animal lust devoid of any redeeming factor)

5. Women enjoy foam and other liquid on their chest. (False – Another male chauvinistic created view that is consistently shown and promoted through porn. Porn – AS medium to show women as nothing more than a place to put male liquids on.)


Third – Female objectification at it’s highest!

The woman actually becomes a car. The woman was never a woman, she was always a car, an object. therfore equating the same love and sexual feelings for an object as a woman.

Showing the world that women are nothing more than things…things to do with whatever you want.

This is one of the most demeaning commercials out there…simply because it secretly rationalizes and promotes all of the misogynistic behaviors that promote all violence against women, and puts it in a nice 30 second box.

Opt 4 seeing women as people.

Opt 4 seeing women as living breathing humans.

Opt 4 seeing women as equals.

Opt 4 not judging all people.

Opt 4 stopping the accepted male view of the world…it is creating more violence.