Here is another example calling, pleading, and begging for the education of our young men.

These young men are there to win a contest by creating video games.

The first idea they came up with was an anti-women, anti-female solution. Is this an accident…NO!  They are a product of the lack of education in our boys and men of this day and age.


these men do not see anything wrong with this way of thinking. Even when they are presenting these horrific anti-women depictions to the judges, which one is a woman, they don’t even flinch. This is a very real very solid example of why we need to educate every young man in the world to how inaccurate this way of thinking is.

Just so you don’t think this is the normal gaming mind, i give you an article of a fellow blogger who sees the gratuitous sexism in games and asks….why?


Remember, the only people who have the power to change the way we see the people in our world is us!