Whether you like it or don’t like it, Gaming is here to stay.

Gaming currently promotes violence.

Gaming currently promotes sexism.

But why?  This question has been asked throughout the world. However, it’s not just the nonviolence groups that are asking this. The gaming industry was built on the notion of violence. As soon as the Atari 2600 came out we were shooting aliens in “Space Invaders”. the only thing that has changed is that instead of  an arcane doodle blipping out of existence we now have blood, guts, and a real looking gun.


Sexism entered the mix with computer games such as Leisure Suit Larry and the outrageously popular Laura Croft. When this went mainstream sexism became a mainstay in the Gaming industry. Why has it stayed?  The gaming industry states that the reason it is there is because the “audience” wants it there.  Who is “the audience”?  Men ages 19-26, the demographic that is supposedly responsible for the sexism in commercials, TV, and various other forms of media.

Do they truly want this or are they being told they want it?

Are these just people who are taught sexism through media, games, etc and then just propagating more of what is already out there because it sells?

I call on all of you to begin writing letters, voting, and telling the gaming industry that gratuitous sexism is not needed in games. Voting with your purchases rings the loudest….so don’t buy gratuitous sexism!

opt 4 a world where women are portrayed accurately in video games.

opt 4 a world where video games are seen as games to play, not to revictimize the majority of the population.

opt 4 seeing women as the strong women they are, not the over sexualized sex symbols that they are portrayed as.