–          Family guy clip…DV, did they go to far?

Family guy follows in the tradition of the satirists of history. They have always pushed the envelope.


Before we get too upset about the way they have depicted the victim as a “stupid girl who won’t leave her relationship we have to take a pause.

All satire holds a mirror to our own society and asks us to question how it’s running, and whether or not this is ok. This victim blaming reaction that was displayed on Family guy is sadly our reality.

Every class I talk about prevention of DV and TDV I am asked the same question by both the males and females of the audience…Why doesn’t she just leave? (NOTE –  the way this is phrased. The word ”just” is pointing out the utter misunderstanding of the victims ability to leave.)

People in the domestic violence world hears statements that mirror what  the Family Guy episode is really showing us. Sadly…this view of the victim and of Domestic violence is the overall view of the general populace.

Let us not be appalled at the fact that a show has aired this, but instead see that this is a reality that our world truly thinks. This is a viewpoint that many many people have and full believe.

For example – Lois tries to talk to Brenda and ends up getting angry/frustrated at Brenda’s denying and excusing the abuse. This is frustrating!  But remember, nobody is beyond help, but we can’t make someone do something. We can’t make a victim leave a relationship if they’re not ready to do so, as is the case in the Family Guy episode. The characters attempt to force Brenda to leave her abusive relationship, rather than empower her to make the healthiest choices for herself. I think the show also glosses over the fact that the victim knows their situation the best, and perhaps the safest option is to STAY

Family guy, yet once again, has given us something very serious to think about.  Whether anybody likes it or not, this IS the general thinking of our society!

Too many people believe that the problem of IPV is that women are “choosing” the wrong guys,

The REAL is that men don’t  know how to act!

Now is the time to start holding men accountable for what they do…and Family guy is asking us why we aren’t doing that.

So, why aren’t we holding the men accountable for the problems?