This is a commercial for the new Dr. Pepper 10.

Why is this ok?

This is full in your face sexism that has become accepted in our society. This goes hand in hand with the multiple sexist images in our world such as women being seen only as a sex object or a emotional mess.

This commercial is stating, and creating a solidified belief, that women do not like action movies of this type, and they only want romantic comedies and fruity drinks. This is upholding all of the stereotypical views of women that out society has created and developed in order to draw a crevice between the genders.

Commercials like this uphold the inequality of the sexes.

When we uphold that inequality…we open the belief that there is 2 classes of people.

Because our society sees “strength”, killing, and power as superior to all. When 1 class is interested in killing, destruction, and upholding an unequal separation – we as a society see this group as more powerful and more valid than the other group.

Commercials like this uphold violence and violence against women.

Opt 4 always writing or saying something about this blatant sexism.

Opt 4 always standing up for equality.

Opt 4 true equality for the genders.