Look at these two pictures. The definition of gender roles is everywhere. The marketing of gender roles are everywhere!

 The scary part is that this is not only marketing to the kids, but this is also asking the parents to uphold these gender roles.

 What are these roles that are beign upheld?

Boy – talking on the phone(a connection to the outside world), relaxed and happy, in control, nicer kitchen, beautiful scene for the outside, wearing a watch(again a connection to the outside world), a tie and a business suit (he’s a worker and he just happens to be in the kitchen…this isn’t his normal atmosphere, active cooking.

Girl – wearing a apron (two fold message – girls pay attention to their clothes more, and she actually has an outfit for the kitchen….people who have outfits for a specific job belong in that job…think about seeing a McDonalds person outside of their work), she’s off balance(something that is often depicted in older women…meaning not in control of anything), not in a business suit of any type(in relaxed clothes as if she’s in her natural environment), trying to juggle all of the dishes and pour the tea (a view that many women can relate to – feeling like they are doing everything and have to keep everything in the family together, pink and pastel colors – “girl colors”, baking something (a job in which takes a lot fo time and preparation.

What do you think?

Is this right? Why?