We go to school and we believe that we all live in a real world.

I say it’s all an illusion.

The teachers: they’re not being their real self. They’re in their”teacher” role. Most people are different at work than they are at home.

Your friends:  They know that if they reveal too much of themselves they will get teased – because it’s happened before to them.  Your friends have ideas, thoughts, and beliefs they will never share with people because they are scared of having these things made fun of.  Therefore,  your friends are only the people that they are allowing you to see.

Other students:  These other students know that at any time they have the ability to be made fun of or be bullied by someone.  You just may be that person…but they don’t know. So they will try to gauge what others, that are not in their close group of friends, will like and tell them exactly what they want to hear.

Adults (parents included):  They have decided that they don’t want to be hurt by anyone, and have created a facade to show the whole world. When you speak to an adult, you are speaking to and talking to the facade or the masks that will protect them.  They might be playing a specific role that they have found is appropriate for this conversation that they are engaging in.

You – You are doing the same thing. You’re not your real self, you are a created person that is hiding a lot.  You’re probably hiding your real self  so you won’t get hurt, teased, or bullied.

In essence, there are a lot of fake people walking around being fake to one another


There are a bunch of actors acting out roles, and everyone believes that those roles are real.

As Shakespeare said –  “We are just players on a stage.”

So – Your schooling is not real, it’s all an illusion.

Just like the illusion that violence is normal.

Just like the illusion that there is no teen dating abuse.

Just like the illusion that a couple’s fight is their own problem.

Just like the illusion that media(TV, games, magazines) doesn’t affect us.

Look past the illusions and do something to prevent the violence!