Do we truly understand how images such as these affect the society and world we live in?

Obviously not, or we wouldn’t continue to put them into our society.

The first picture is from bitch skateboards, a skateboard and clothing company. This image is on their boards as well as their clothing. This is an image depicting a man pointing a gun at a woman…the message is obvious!

The next picture is a picture of a woman being “strangled” or dragged across the hood of a car. Her body is lifeless and it looks as if there is blood under her head. this image reads like a crime scene photo – but it is merely a way to sell ties and men’s clothing.

If an image is worth 1000 words, than these images – these 2000 words – are telling us how to treat women. How women deserve to be treated.

To many, this seems a far leap to come to this conclusion.

Right now, women comprise 90% of the domestic violence that is reported in the US.

Right now, women are seen as objects of sex and domination as explained in multiple societal studies throughout the United States.

Right now, there are 1,500,000 report of abuse in the US per year (most of them are towards women). We also know that only 40% is ever recorded, so the real number is probably closer to 4,000,000.

These images are seen in the most popular magazines in the United States. Magazines that have a readership upwards of 100,000 people. This image is burned into the minds of over 1000, 000 people every time it is published. what do you think a person who sees images like this would feel on the subconscious level?

OPT4 saying something when you see this type of imaging.

OPT4 preventing this type of media.

Opt4 writing the media and asking them to stop advertising abuse!

How are we going to stop this type of blatant disrespect to the women of our society?