As the title of this post says…You have the ability to end violence!

In a conversation with a group of high school students I asked them how to stop violence. They came up with a lot fo really good ideas.

Suddenly….in 3 minutes, they came up with a number of problems with their ideas, why they can’t work, and how it would be easier if we were living int he 1800’s.

Then they decided that this all has been going on since the dawn of time and there’s no way to stop it.


Listen – We are able to change everything. Just because the normal way of doing things has been going on for so long doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to stop.

Don’t talk yourself out of doing something to work towards a better nonviolent world.

If you have an idea…I want to hear it.

If you have a way to promote nonviolence i want to hear it.

Violence is preventable….how can we do it?