As I was speaking to a group of sophomores to seniors in high school we came upon a conversation:

Nonviolence is never going to happen because it’s not a reality.

When I asked why this was, they explained that if someone hits you-you’re going to hit them back. If you see someone hit someone you care about, you’re going to want to hit them back. Hence violence begets violence and violence will never end. they went on to cite examples – holocaust, bombing of pearl harbor, slavery and the civil war, gangs, street fights, and they even had a number of Halo and Gears of War examples.

The glaring obvious focus was at the point where violence occurs. Why do we deal with that part?

Prevention! Prevention! Prevention!

If we are living in the world of prevention, then we would never be at these situations. We would never be where the violence is going on. We would have prevented it before that.

WWII – preventable if we began speaking to leaders when Hitler was running a Pro-german gang which was part of the National Socialist Party in Germany..

Slavery was preventable when the slave ships first decided to come on over to the Americas. We could have said no!

Slavery was further ok’d when the continental congress decided that it was ok and created the 3/5 compromise.

Gangs are preventable as long as you understand that Gangs are families for people who truly have no other essence of belonging. There are needs that every member has that is not being met by any other part of society except the gang family. give the members what they need, and the gangs won’t be needed. however, now we have gone so much farther than that. the gangs are examples of how we as a society have let the youth down.

Violence is preventable but it needs to be dealt with way before it starts.

OPT4 preventing violence in the way babies are raised.

Opt4 preventing violence in the messages we give to children under the age of 3.

OPT4 preventing violence in the ways we deal with people everyday.

OPt 4 preventing violence everywhere and with everyone!