Just say no….

We’ve heard this before. Just say no to drugs. Just say no to sex. Just say no to pregnancy.

Is it this easy?

Is it this easy to go against the peer pressure of sex and drugs?  Well, we’d love to think so but this is a very hard thing to do.

However, a new site is asking that you: just say no to violence against women. Is this any easier?

Yes!  Yes it is because violence is not just something that affects them, they, or those people. Violence is around us every second of every minute of our lives. Violence against women…doubly so. However, the violence against women is even more insidious than the other “just say no” campaigns. Violence against women is  in the advertisements in magazines, in the Tv shows we watch from age 2-95. Violence against women is  in the movies we watch and the youtube videos that span the net. Violence against women in our homes, our neighborhoods, and even in our own families. This violence is something we see on an everyday basis.

So can we just say no?  Ask your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your aunt, your niece, your girl cousins, your girlfriend, or even the lady that lives down the street. Yes – we can just say no to stopping the violence toward 57% of the population of the world.


This website gives you the opportunity to start a “just say no to violence against women” campaign or start your own “just say no to violence against women” campaign. Either way, we are all working on preventing this epidemic.

We need to just say no to all violence, but especially to the violence toward the people that make other people.