New Ap helps educate everyone about preventing dating abuse.

According to the article above, there is a new Ap to help educate parents about Teen Dating Abuse. This situation is becoming dire. The people who are in unhealthy relationships are being hurt, being harmed, and being scarred for life.   This Ap will help parents talk to their dating teens about what a healthy relationship is.

Why stop here? This ap isn’t just for parents. This ap can be used for you!

It’s proven that the best way to prevent anything is education. If you know what to look for in a relationship to decide if it’s healthy or not, you won’t be in an unhealthy relationship.

Use this Ap to educate everyone. Use this Ap to change the way we see dating relationships.

Opt 4 healthy relationships.

Opt4 educating your friends.

Opt 4 helping out the people you care about most by educating them.

Opt 4 a violence free relationship.

Opt 4 a relationship based on love.