We often believe that we live in a world we just have to deal with.

When we complain, we are told that we just have to “get over it”.


You have the ability to change the way things are.

If you don’t like the violence, do something about it!

If you don’t like the bullying, stop it.

If you don’t like the abuse you see in the world, help others and do something.

There are many programs that are in your area that are helping people – seek them out.

When you see things happen that you don’t like, help out the cause: blog about it, you tube it, speak out against the problem on facebook or twitter or tumblr.


There are many things in your school that help people with abuse, trauma, violence, drug abuse, etc. If there isn’t programs – CREATE them!!

When there isn’t a way to help people-it’s up to you to create it.

Opt 4 ending the negativity.

Opt 4 the end of abuse.

Opt4 helping people.

Opt4 creating roads and groups to help all people.

Opt4 changing “the way it is.”