When a male is a child he is called a boy. When he gets older he is called a man.

When a female is a child she is called a girl. When she gets older she is called: a girl.

When the creators of the Iron man triathalon wanted to include the ladies they called it: The Iron GIRL triatholon.

When they want to empower women, they say they have “GIRL power”. Remember, the power of a “girl” is a pre-puberty girl’s power.

When a man is a super hero, he is a man!    When a woman is a superhero she is a “GIRL”: Super girl – 25, Spider girl – 21, Aqua girl – 30, and Bat girl – 21. All ladies who are obviously women. If they were 8 or 9, then they would be a girl.

This type of classification creates a view that the women in our society are seen as children and men are seen as adults! What does this do to our minds?????

Adults guide, teach, and tell chilsdren what to do. Children must do what the adults say because they fear the violent reprucusions and consequences that will happen. Imagine a man seeing a woman as a child and himself as an adult…the seeds of DV are planted.

This one word “girl” depicts the whole problem of domestic violence, teen dating violence, and intimate partner violence.

When men are subliminally shown that women should be treated as children, violence is inevitable.

OPT4 preventing this classification.

OPT4 challenging the group who depicts women as girls.

OPT4 changing this idea.