Don’t believe the magazines –  you’re beautiful!

Look at any magazines cover and they will tell you you’re not beautiful being you.

Actual titles from the front page:

Get sexy hair now – Because you don’t have sexy hair right now, right?

Get that great summer body – Who said you didn’t have a great summer body?

Cute new looks – because your looks aren’t cute.

Flat abs and a great butt – who said you needed these things and who said yours weren’t?

625 pretty looks for you – That’s right 625 ways to make you look better, who said you aren’t already pretty?

Some say I make too much of these. OK   Why are they on EVERY girls magazine?

Why do the magazines meant for women still say girl?

OPT4 changing these ideas.

OPT4 preventing the media from deciding how you should look.

OPt4 seeing yourself as beautiful…..because you are!