There is a lot of pressure on both men and women to be beautiful. The sad part is that nobody knows what beautiful is.  Beauty, as the great bard said is in the “eye of the beholder”.  There is no true form of beauty anywhere. It has been shown time and time again, that we as people like to see mathematical solidity. That means if a person has a perfect ratio to their face and body, then we will see them as pretty because our mind says they are “in balance”.  Interesting enough, nobody is “in balance”. It’s almost a genetic impossibility.  So where do we get our ideas of what is beautiful?

The media of the world creates what we see as beautiful everyday…..notice the word “creates”.

This video explains it all.

Opt4 being beautiful as the person you are.

Opt4 preventing the word ugly from yours or anybody’s lips.

Opt4 looking at people in the light of <3.

opt4 not basing our view of beauty on constructed images like this one.

opt4 preventing anyone you know from judging themselves against a computer image.

opt4 preventing the world from seeing you as anything but you!

You are worth it!