Q – Why can’t a man hug?
A-Because that would be so gay!
Spoiler Alert – A man dating another man because they are looking for a meaningful relationship is GAY!  Gay as straight is a biological situation where the chromosomes tell the individual whom they love. You’re gay if your genes say its so. Not because you’re touching!

Q – Why can’t a man show compassion, cry, or even love (especially towards a guy, but equally often toward women)?
A – Dude, that’s gay stuff. A man has to be strong. A man has to be…well…a man!
Spoiler alert – About being gay…see above. About being strong see the post on this blog: A man is….    A man can opt4 showing their feelings. Men have been told, shown, and taught not to do any of these things. A man can show compassion for another human, cry when they are sad, and pour out their heart to a person they love. A man can opt4 stopping these ridiculous stereotypes. When we as humans deny our own natural way of being: empathetic, caring, loving, we deny our essential nature. When this happens we become mean, hard, angry and physically violent. The anger, possessiveness, and selfishness increases till it is the only emotions that can be shown

A man can opt4 doing anything. A man can opt4 being a normal human being. A man can opt4 changing the view of men. Opt 4 being a real man!