Q – What is a man?

A – A man is strong.
Yes, he has strength (physical braun.) Yes, he is often physically stronger than a woman. As a dad, he is strong enough to feed the baby every night, to change the diapers, to hold his child’s seat as they are learning to ride a bike. He is strong enough to stand up in front of other men disrespecting a woman and say something about it.

A – A man is dependable.
Yes, he does the things he says he will do. He will do his best to get the task done. He is a person who can work in a team till there is success. He can be depended upon to do tell the men he’s with that sexist jokes and comments aren’t ok.

A – A man is a provider.
Yes, he provides for his family in a partnership with his wife/girlfriend. He provides her a hot cup of coffee if she doesn’t do it first. He provides instruction about the things he knows, and knows when it its time for him to listen.

Nowhere does it say being a man means being in constant control over everyone or anything.

Nowhere does it say being a man means being violent.

Be a man and opt4 nonviolence. Be a man and opt 4 preventing other men from being rude, disrespectful, or violent. Opt 4 being a man who is sincere an loving. Opt4 being a real man!